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Little Red & the Renegades & the Love of Louisiana Music in the Greater DC Area


Little Red & the Renegades hold an important position as far as the greater Washington DC area's love for the music of Southwest Louisiana and New Orleans. They were one of the first (if not the first) in the area to perform it for us.
The background history of the Renegades takes us to Syracuse NY where longtime friends Tom Corradino (Little Red) and guitarist Harry Rado were founders of the band Bad Medicine in 1968. After a good run the band broke up in 1975. Harry moved to DC and Tom followed his love for Louisiana music down to New Orleans. While there he basked in as many Professor Longhair and Clifton Chenier performances he could attend. He had first heard Zydeco in 1967 on the Clifton Chenier Arhoolie LP that inspired him greatly and thus became one of the first non-Creoles in the country to perform Zydeco. After his stint in New Orleans he moved to DC and looked up his friend Harry Rado. He did a stint playing accordion with Tex Rubinowitz and His Bad Boys and piano with a Haitian band, Las Pachas before joining with Harry to form Little Red & the Renegades in 1982. At 42 years and counting this makes their pairing one of the longest continuous music collaborations you will find.
First editions of the Renegades included saxophonist Derek Huston before he joined the Uptown Rhythm Kings. Derek introduced them to fellow Langley HS classmates saxophonist Chris Watling and trumpeter Alan MacEwan who became Renegades before they were Grandsons. The current lineup includes bassist Dave Petersen working with the band since the late 80’s, Jon Danforth who has worked with the band for 15 years, and steel drum player Carol Arthur who joined up 5 years ago. When he plays Haydee’s Restaurant it becomes my one regular chance to work out on the fratoire (rub board). I picked up my chops working with the late Zydeco legend Roy Carrier.
 Little Red and the Renegades and Haydee’s Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant DC
Tom was a long time resident of Mt Pleasant and in 2008 started a once a month gig. It is the second Friday of every month and Friday March 9th marks the next performance.
A Little Red and the Renegades night is pretty evenly split between the piano stylings of New Orleans and Zydeco of SW  Louisiana. There is NO COVER! so come on out and pass a good time.
Little Red and the Renegades at Haydee’s Restaurant
3102 Mount Pleasant St, NW
Washington DC
(202) 483-9199
1 block from the Columbia Hts. Metro Station on the green and yellow line
Friday March 9
9pm to 1am


Sunday? Mary Ann Redmond at The Harp and Fiddle


Every Sunday, and I mean ALMOST EVERY SUN, a corner of the Bethesda triangle gears up for the weekly get-together of the Mary Ann Redmond crowd at Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle. This has become a tradition that started at the old Flanagan's and has carried on at their current location at 4844 Cordell Avenue, just off of Woodmont. 

Invariably, newbies in for the first show will ask a neihgbor within the first couple of songs if this is all for real. Mary Ann has always had a fantastic lineup and these days, she is featuring Dan Hovey on guitar; Mike "Tony" Echols on bass; and–as if the group needed an extra kick–Deren Blessman on drums. So, What's for dinner? It never hurts ot have your choice of classic Irish dishes to make for a nice end for your weekend.

The Sunday show starts a bit earlier than the usual nine o'clock kickoff time. Enjoy a nice dinner and catch a couple of sets and you are still in bed to be up and ready to go bright and early Monday morning. You may also see a few other musicians in the audience and one or two may just get up and join Mary Ann for a tune.

Over the years, the Mary Ann Redmond Band has featured popular local artistst  Jon Carroll, Mike Ault, Benjie Porecki, Jon Osment, Gary Grainger, Steve Taylor along with drummers Blues Webb, Andy Hamburger, and Greg Grainger amongst many.

Flanagans Harp and Fiddle is a classic pub. You will find the darts in the back room. For the soccer and Irish sports fans, you can count on seeing all the key matches at the pub along with a full schedule of NFL games on their numerous TV screens. If you happen to show up early for a European match, count on one the Harp and Fiddle's classic Irish breakfasts or you can go straight for the Bangers and Mash.


Is that Flatfoot Sam at the Zoo Bar? Can’t be!


Coming up this weekend on the 25th of February, 2012… it is indeed Flatfoot Sam with his wonderful ensemble. It's true, Zoo Bar is the size of a postage stamp. Everyone in the club has to move around to allow the guitarist enough room to turn around and talk to the drummer. It's that freakin' small. With small, you get musicians who are nearly in your lap whailing away and no one will give you 110% like the Sam's Educated Fools–leading the way with Sam is his longtime partner in crime Baby Jake, Steve Jacobs on guiltar. There is no question that Sam's group is there to entertain. They work very hard and clearly enjoy their time in front of the crowd.

If you find yourself on Connecticut Ave NW near the Zoo…. if you happen to be across from the zoo and it's past 9 pm this Saturday, then jump in for one and take in a set at the Zoo Bar. Mention our names to Same and you will get a big Huh?! Don't forget, these guys always have their water pitcher out for tips. Leave them a couple bucks for us!

Check out this classic Blues spot as soon as you can. Go the Zoo Bar website for their weekly schedule. Don't forget to catch their open mike orchestrated by local harp legend, Big Boy Little, otherwise know as, Bret Littlehales.

Editor's Note: According to Sam's posting on facebook, tonite is the last night of this long standing gig. Everyone is entitiled to stop for a while and recharge the batteries. That said, make sure you hit this last show. Keep your eye peeled for other Educated Fools shows around the area.

Dr. Duke & the Power Trio at Madam’s Organ

Every Once in a while Mid-west blues mainstay Duke Tumatoe finds a way to tour the East Coast. I first met Duke around 1978 in his home base of Indianapolis leading his band The All-Star Frogs. Duke was one of the most engaging and entertaining performers I had experienced to that point. He had the ability to fill a 2,000 seat auditorium for a New Years Eve show and to this day continues to regularly work the Mid-west circuit in addition to being a regular contributor to the syndicated Bob & Tom Radio show. 
The band evolved into Dr. Duke & the Power Trio (Dr. of High-ology) and they will hit DC this Friday night at Madam's Organ in DC.
A THEME SONG FOR RIGHT ON RHYTHM!   — (There it is under the Calendar on the right side of the page)
On one of his previous trips east he told me he was going to write a song using Right on Rhythm and its over-arching metaphor for life as it’s main theme. You’ve heard me say it “Whether you are dancing, playing, or just being, It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it on time (hit the beat). I forgot completely about his statement but lo and behold on Duke’s new CD I Want to Be Rich there it is! ROR has been immortalized!

Follow the link to purchase Duke’s new cd or find it on iTunes. Check out his crowd favorite Tie you up when you visit the site

Madam's Organ

2461 18th St NW

Washington DC



Nighthawks at Surf Club Live!

The Nighthawks play tonight at the best area roadhouse possible as they return to Surf Club Live more than two years after their last appearance there.
That the Surf Club is trying once again to give a stage to area musicians, is an encouraging event.  Owner Jim Byrum has committed to giving Thursday nights over to live music a serious try and it is up to us to see it works. We mourned when the SC stopped hosting live performance and we now have a second chance.

Phone  (301) 927-6310



New Years Day at Slim’s Y Ki Ki in Opelousas

There will be a fundraising benefit, Keeping Roy’s Dream Alive, to raise the money needed to do the necessary repairs to Roy’s Offshore Lounge in Lawtell. If you are heading to SW Louisiana for the Holidays come on over. It starts a 2:00.

Lafayette Times article on the event by Herman Fusilier



Lil D and the Zydeco All-stars (Dikki Du's Son) 

Dexter Ardoin 

Horace Trahan and the Ossun Express 

Corey Ledet and the Zydeco Band 

Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe 

Chubby Carrier/Earl Washboard Sally 

T Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers 

Jeffry Broussard and the Creole Cowboys 

Lil Malcolm and the House Rockers 

Koray Broussard and the Zydeco Unit 

Curly Taylor and Zydeco Trouble

Leroy Thomas


For this benefit I have compiled a special limited edition compilation CD with the same name as the event that will  be available at Slim’s. It is currently out for printing.

I am not keen on calling it a greatest hits as to me there will always be songs that don’t make the mix that I dearly love, BUT upon listening back to it I am knocked out by Roy’s body of work from 1987 thru 2009. It includes material from every one of Roy’s CD’s and I sincerely thank David Earl of Severn Records and Warren Hildebrand of Mardi Gras Records for letting me include material from their releases.

song list


1 Have Some Fun at the Offshore Lounge from Twist & Shout

2 I Come From the Country From Living Legend

3 Rockin With Roy from Zydeco Soul

4 You Got Me Dancin’ from Nasty Girls

5 Whiskey Drinkin’ Man from Whiskey Drinkin’ Man

6 Oh Bye Bye 6:18 from Choose Your Shoes

7 Gotta Right to Love That Woman from Whiskey Drinkin’ Man

8 She’s In Love With the Zydeco from Nasty Girls

9 Chicagofrom Offshore Blues

10 My Baby Don’t Wear No Shoes from Choose Your Shoes

11 Leaving Lawtell from Offshore Blues

12 Bye Bye Black Girl from Twist & Shout

13 If You Want To Dance You’ve Got to Twist & Shout from Twist & Shout

14 I Found My Woman from Whiskey Drinkin’ Man

15 Offshore Blues from Zydeco Soul

16 He’s the Man from Nasty Girls


Living Legend from Severn Records CD0031

Zydeco Soul from Mardi Gras Records MG1108

Nasty Girls ROR002, Twist & Shout ROR004, Offshore Blues ROR008, Whiskey Drinkin’ Man ROR009, Choose Your Shoes RORCYS from Right on Rhythm

I will also take advance orders for those not able to travel to Louisiana this holiday once the page is ready.  Stay tuned for an announcement here.

Please pass this info on to your Louisiana dance friends around the country


Roy Carrier to Be Honored at the 2011 Zydeco Music Awards in Lafayette

The other 2 honorees at the awards will be Clifton Chenier and Boozoo Chavis. So fitting as one was Roy’s mentor the other his contemporary and those 3 probably have had the biggest impact on the development of Zydeco through it’s history.  It is so gratifying to see I only wish that it could have happened while he was still with us.

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