Through the years my tendency has been to abuse my hands. A few Sundays back I was doing some general gardening and various maintenance projects. At some point along the way I got what felt like a splinter along the palm side of the first knuckle on my index finger. Not paying it much mind as nothing was visible, I continued to work the day. Monday the next morning I woke to a definitely swollen finger but any pain was still centered around the splinter/prick area. I went to the area clinic ‘cause I was out of town and was prescribed an antibiotic.  On Tuesday I went to work but by the end of the day the knuckle at the palm was feeling discomfort. I continued the antibiotic. At about 2:30am Wednesday morning, I woke to an area that was throbbing and determined that I needed to get this checked out at the hospital. I woke Claudia to tell her I was heading out and would let her know what was going on. We both assumed that hey its an infection, there’s a splinter, they’ll clean it out, give me a shot and tell me to keep it clean. 
After the initial triage checkout the hand specialist is called and after a bit it is determined that I will see him that day either at his office or the hospital. He ends up coming in early to look at my hand and the words “we’re keeping you” give me a “you’re kidding, right?” reaction. I am then told there is an inflammation traveling along the tendon in my finger into the top of my palm and he is going to have to open it up and clean everything out and as an aside he adds, "good thing you came in when you did". That results in a 3 1/2 day stay and a course of antibiotics.
You can bet that from now on gloves are going to be step one.
On Sunday May 8 12:45 Grammy winner Chubby Carrier will be playing the House of Blues Stage at New Orleans Jazz Fest. A good part of his set is going to be given over to a tribute to his father, the late legend, Roy Carrier. If you’ve never seen Chubby play his father’s music – he can smoke it.  Roy was the first person to get me to play so I’ll be there and if my hand let’s me I’ll be playing rub board too.