Those of you that have followed me over the years have heard much of the history regarding the voluntary agreement process that restricted (in fact banning it outright) the ability of the restaurants on Mt Pleasant St to host live music. Though the issue predated my involvement, I became fully engaged in 2003 testifying before the City Council and then trying to open dialogue with the group that authored the VA. I didn’t get very far but did begin to create a greater awareness of the issue in Mt Pleasant. In the fall of 2004 I ran for a seat (and won) on the ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commission) to prevent the president of that group from getting in unopposed. The ANC over the next 2 years and beyond continued to push for change in the process that dealt with this, passing resolution after resolution calling for an opening up of the process.

    When my term ended in 2006 I along with Claudia Schlosberg, David Sachdev, Natalie Avery, Janelle Triebits, Phil Lepanto, Eugene Stephanus, Andrea Blatchford, Amber Gallup (dang I’m forgetting a couple names) formed a new group of neighborhood residents named Hear Mt Pleasant who’s first purpose was to work on changing the situation. Three restaurants, Don Juan’s, Don Jaime's and Haydee’s stepped up to challenge their old VAs and with the support of HMP began their fight to overturn them. What ensued was a years long legal battle in the chambers of the ABRA board and the yeoman’s efforts of Rick Massumi, Claudia and Rob Waldeck donating pro bono legal time to work this fight.
Last year the foundations of the old VAs began to crumble. This year THEY WERE OVERTURNED! WE WON!
    On Tuesday evening 4/26 at 6:00, We will be holding the first of two Mt Pleasant celebrations.  The first at Don Juan’s Restaurant will be a family night with puppeteers and local legend Lilo Gonzales, a neighborhood treasure.  The 2nd will be at Haydee’s on May 12. 
For more information, plug in Hear Mount Pleasant next time you log in on Face Book.